zondag 8 augustus 2010

THE ETHICS Of Language

De entre os muitos com este título
um começava assi
Com uma inevitabilidade aparente, cada ramo do conhecimento científico desenvolve os seus próprios conceitos científicos específicos
e diria alguém assim isola-se dos outros
criando fendas locais nas realidades
cada uma com a sua estrutura do universo

este da ética da linguagem é de uma outra escala
Os parafusos mantêm as chapas de metal que formam o telhado
As gotas aprisionavam e reflectiam a luz

O ritmo a que os diferentes parafusos segregavam àgua
Can death ever serve as a metaphor? How can a state that exceeds language and cognition reach beyond itself? In fact, death may be the terminal point on metaphor’s chain of associations.
In media-saturated societies, death may seem to function less as a finality and more as a brief interruption of the ceaseless simulacra; yet for all the distance individuals and entire cultures endeavor to put between themselves and death, its power over the imagination never weakens.

This is one reason the success or failure of the war in Iraq is being measured not by how long it takes to establish a democratic government there, nor by how long it took to overthrow and capture Saddam Hussein, but by the number of American soldiers killed. (The fact that the number of Iraqi casualties could never serve as this measure is a sign of how distorted our relationship with death can be.)

Outra Variação
Unlike the penguin or the dodo, the ethical sentence is
neither an unusual nor an extinct species. In fact, the ethical
sentence has something of the same pervasiveness in the
English language that the sparrow has in the English
countryside. The questions one asks oneself, the discussions
one enters into with his acquaintances, the advice one re-
ceives from his friends, the sermon one hears from the
pulpit, the editorial one reads in the paper, all abound with
sentences such as these: Ought I to give up teaching and find a better-paying job?
Euthanasia is wrong.
You really should give up smoking.
Divorce is a wicked rebellion against God's will.
Democracy is better than Communism.

These, and sentences like them, are ethical sentences

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